About Us

I first want to start off by giving an ABUNDANCE of thanks to Des, (@auntdutchiee_ on IG.) Without you, this legacy wouldn’t exist. I am eternally grateful for you.

We are black, and LGBT owned! 

#FATGIRLROYALTY was created and born circa 2014. Initially, it was utilized as a means of providing myself a small token of joy. It felt good to embellish my selfies and full body photos with a glimmer of something simple, yet riveting. Reclaiming the word “fat” and stripping it of its negative connotation felt like not only a power move, but a full fledge shift in the right direction. Years went on and as my platform on social media grew, so did the tag. Never did I intend on people gravitating towards this or it becoming a “thing”! I knew I was underestimating my impact. I tried my hand at elevating #FATGIRLROYALTY to a new degree but failed and fell down more than several times. Every time I tried, there was a major element that was off. Something that got overlooked. I predominately blame it on my tender age (not that 23 is necessarily seasoned...) and my lack of belief in the entirety of the vision. Alas, during this trying time in the midst of the world.. Here we are! Things have and are continually coming to fruition. I have high hopes and expectations for this brand. My intention for when you get these products is for you to not only feel a sense of liberation, but sincere love, admiration, and pride. I do ALL things for the fat black femme in mind and heart. We deserve the finest life can conjure. Know that. Thank you for following me and my journey. Your outpouring support means more than I can put into words. -

Tiffany- Patrice Hunter